A non Government organization in Sri Lanka, a dedicated and silent loyal service has been rendered with the sole object of uplifting the downtrodden under – privileged and poverty stricken youth


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Special Message

I would like to appreciate the services rendered for social upliftments by "Sri Lanka National Social Service organization " through their " Sisu nana udana educational project" and " Tharunyaye Maha Pibideema". Today Sri Lanka needs an intellectually developed, peaceful and a healthy society. In term of this we need to develop education, Health, Discipline and saving the environment. To fulfill the above qualities " Sri Lanka National Service organization" has started emence projects relating for the above social awareness. It is our duty to help them and it extend our blessing in their Endeavour. I sincerely bless and wish them to expand their "Sisu Nana Udana Educational Project" and Tharunyaye Maha Pibideema" Throughout Sri Lanka for a better Tomorrow

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Donation to Pannala Provincial Council

Under our organization " Tharunyaye Maha Pibedeema" we donated sum of 150,000/= (one hundred and fifty thousand) to chairman of pannala provincial council on the 9th December 2010, to uplift sport facilities in katugampola electorate of kurunegela District. Also we donated sports equipments to pannala Police

50 Educational Scholarships Granted

Under the patronage of " Sisu Nana Udana Educational Project" in 2011 with the coordination of 10 schools in deniyaya educational zone we granted 50 (fifty) educational scholarships to children from poor lower income families

Scholarships to children of low income families

In 2010, 20 (twenty) educational school ships were granted to children from poor lower income families within the deniyaya educational zone. Under mention 4 schools were selected for this " Sisu Nana Udana education project "